An Open Letter To Myself

Abisola Adeniji - AA
3 min readMay 20, 2022

Hey there,

Have you ever felt like just staying in the bed, hiding under a big blanket, increasing the air temperature to the highest, and not doing anything all through the day?

Well, that`s how I have been feeling for the past week. Lazying around without being accountable to myself or anyone. And now, I have decided to come out of that phase so therefore I have turned to a proven solution, writing. This time around, I am writing an in-depth letter to myself from Myself.

Funny right? Well, funny or not, make sure to enjoy this open letter gassing me, encouraging me, and reflecting on my life in general.

Dear Abisola,

The past few months have shown that you are truly evolving…

Although it happened with a lot of mixed feelings and its own share of obstacles, see you handling it like a champ, pulling through and coming out stronger than ever.

Oooh, I know the journey has been scary, tiring even, and sometimes obscure but don`t be weary because you are doing just fine.

I have seen you grow, fight for what you want, give up because it was time, take steps back when you need to re-evaluate, push through your limitations, lose friends along the way, and even joyfully see them grow into other relationships.

Oh! how far you have come, you handle responsibilities with sincerity, passion, and mindful consciousness (well, except for house choose chores, we are still praying bout that one. lol). It’s amazing to see how much has changed in such a short time.

So stop it!

Stop it! Yes, stop it! Stop undermining your achievements, stop the what-ifs, stop the insecurities, stop worrying about uncertainties, and stop stressing about the future! Just stop it, Abisola!

Keep going for what you want without looking back, pursue your dream tirelessly, grow with intense passion, spread that passion to those around you, expand your reach, and keep loving every step of the journey.

How I love you Abisola…

A girl destined for greatness! A Star Girl living intentionally…

You are doing so great, impacting lives with your knowledge, resource, skillset, and experience. Oh, before I forget, there is really nothing wrong with being intentional or being a little bit busy or rather focused on your goal, in fact, it is a principle most discover too late in life. Abisola, you know better than most that success won’t happen by accident, so don’t be discouraged when others don’t always understand your drive, goals, and even the sacrifices you make for a future no one can see but you.

Above all, I have seen you learn, unlearn snd relearn a lot from all life has thrown at you. I see you continually give love, and show love regardless of it all and I love you for that.

What do I want for you?

Today, I just want you to continue to be you — keep learning from these life experiences, love without expectations (yes, I know it’s hard but that’s what makes you YOU) and never forget that God Loves You.

Remember, life is a journey, and it is in phases, so ensure you give your best in every phase you find yourself.

Live Abisola, don`t just live life unabashedly, not uncaring but instead wholeheartedly. Be present wherever you find yourself, and give your all in whatever situation you find yourself in.

You are destined for greatness, so act like it!

A friend once said:

You shine so well just being you

That’s all I want for you, be you and never stop being you.

Yours sincerely,

From your inner mind 🤎

Although this is really just a letter from me to help remove myself from a shell I have unconsciously created for myself recently.

Abisola, maybe you. therefore, I hope this article inspires you to live authentically.

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