Another Little Note To Myself

Abisola Adeniji - AA
3 min readFeb 21, 2023

Sometimes ago I fell ill and it was a whole lot, especially for someone that hasn’t been ill for a very very long time.

I wish it was a brief sickness that I could have jumped up the next day but it wasn’t and it caused me to be bedridden for a whole week. You can ask me, what’s the big deal? Well, there is no big deal or I just used it as another opportunity to start afresh and maybe just write another little note to myself.

Before I fell ill, I was feeling really overwhelmed with a lot of things and I told my friends that God made me this bedridden so I can actually rest and just refresh my mind.

And you know they say, when you are overwhelmed you do a lot of stupid things which I did. Please don’t ask me 😂

Anyways, I am picking up my notepad to write instead of taking another wrong step! Not just anything random but a letter to myself!

My darling bee,

This is my dearest wish for you in this new year.

I know, I know, 2022 was an ah-mazing year, so many things happened, and this has made you doubt your dream, purpose, and even your whole existence (inserts an emoji) but you got this babe.

No, I`m serious you got it!

Sometimes I know the journey feels like it will never end, like we are moving in circles with no end point but as they always say there is light at the end of the tunnel, I do hope there is.’

As you grow, you realize that responsibilities increases, don’t be scared of them. Lol, I know that’s coming from nowhere but really you can handle it, and most importantly, never let laziness or procrastination stop you from getting the bag, you are bigger than that!

Take each day one step at a time…

I know it’s exciting to get to the finish line but most importantly enjoy the process babe, don`t rush it, and be patient for everything to align.

Avoid distractions, they come in many forms but they have one similarity and that is they are time wasters. Don`t yield to them and do what you have to do!

Spend time on things that matter, smash those goals, build relationships with your loved ones, and remain consistent.

One more thing bee;

Don’t let your feelings drive you, feelings they say are fickle! Be open to learning and know this God still got you!

I love you so much dear and this is a gentle reminder that youare doing so well! You can definitely do better but don’t rush it. I hope you take these words with you as we journey into the new year. See you at the end of 2023!

With Love, Your inner mind AA…

I know this letter was to myself but I hope it serves as the reminder you may need!

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