Because Q2 Has To Be Different

Abisola Adeniji - AA
3 min readApr 7, 2022

On the First of April, I picked up my phone and went directly to my medium app. I created a newstory and titled it. ‘Q2 has to be different.’

I wasn’t sure about a lot of things, but I was high on energy and this was my mood for April. Lol, that was all I wrote and for a while I forgot about it.

Instead, I packed my bags and traveled for my brother’s wedding. A little fun never hurts, does it? and as for Q2, I will be coming back with full force!

A cute picture just for you because I couldn’t resist.

On April 6. 2022, at exactly 4:28 AM. I woke up to prepare my Q2 plans and review that of Q1. Once I was done, I knew I had to complete this article.

Stay with me for just 3mins, I need to show the rollercoaster of emotions Q1 brought to me.

Still in the mood to plan for Q2, I opened my journal searching for my Q1 achievements, and lo and behold they were nowhere to be found. I picked up a pen to write them but every single thing I had celebrated during the first three months of the year, I couldn`t remember.

I kept saying to myself ‘I planned, I worked hard, so what exactly was the issue?

Then I figured maybe my goals were not as SMART as I thought or maybe I didn’t properly keeptrack of my achievements.

Trying to find out the root cause, I went to my daily plan folder and saw a lot of unticked to-do lists, unplanned days, uncompleted courses, and inconsistent habits. Moving to my journal I saw a lot of unsettled days with an unrested mind.

Speaking to myself, I thought ‘How exactly am I to remember all I achieved ?’

With a heavy sigh…. I closed off my journal and began deep introspection.

I know my Q1 wasn’t as bad and I know I did accomplish quite a few things, but not being able to pinpoint exactly what these accomplishments were, felt as though I did nothing at all.

However, we are here because instead of beating myself up on a Q1 I can’t change, I am going to do things differently in Q2.

Going into this Q2

First, I have decided to let go of my anger towards the indiscipline that made me think I just wasted three months of my life or maybe I did, we will never know.

Q2 has to be different, so therefore we are starting a strict habit in Q2.

From keeping track of my achievements, no matter how little or minute it may seem, making an extra effort to tick off my ToDo`s, and resisting the urge to fall into the trap of distractions by focusing on the goal. We are preparing SMART Goals for Q2 and April.

Also, I will be reviewing my goals every single day (I don’t care if it’s too frequent), this is to ensure I am always reminding myself of my goals and to keep me focused. Most importantly, I will also be investing in having a peaceful life.

I don`t know if your Q1 has been as crazy as mine but I am optimistic that together, we can have a better Q2.

I’ll be in the comment section eagerly anticipating all your ideas on other things we can do to achieve better results this Q2.

Have a fruitful Q2 Fam!

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