Dear Comparison Spirit, REST IN PEACE

Abisola Adeniji - AA
3 min readApr 18, 2023

In the hustle and bustle of the world, amidst the fast-paced chaos and the increasing demands of daily life, I lost sight of myself and I didn`t know when I started comparing myself.

The insidious imposter syndrome crept up on me like a shadow in the night, haunting me with self-doubt on a daily basis and leaving me overwhelmed to the point where it became my go-to state of being and my watchword.

That`s not normal, I can’t continue with my head on my shoulders, constantly scrutinizing my every move.

I want to be ME, my authentic self, living a life filled with purpose, intentionionality, and displaying the wealth of love and joy from within.

So Comparison Spirit, REST IN PEACE!

This is a fiction I started writing in 2022, I really hope you enjoy it and are able to learn a thing or two from it.

Now, shall we?

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Dear Comparison Spirit,

You told me that I wasn’t where I was meant to be, and I heeded your words. You suggested that I should be on par with my peers, and that I should keep up with them. I listened.

But does that mean I cannot be content following your advice? Must I compare myself to others? Do I have to possess the latest gadgets and dress fashionably in order to be happy?

You deceived me! You failed to disclose that I am unique, that everyone’s journey is different. Your thoughts were only of yourself, my envious companion.

I recognize you, sneaking in like a thief at night to rob me of the happiness and love I have for my dear ones, ready to disrupt relationships that took years to cultivate.

I see you, Comparison Spirit, attempting to steer Sister J — Jealousy and Brother S — Sadness into my life. But I will not allow it.

Goodbye, Comparison Spirit. I no longer see the value in our relationship.

You’ve plagued my mind and caused me grief, urging me to be the best, to outdo others and never rest.

Your constant whispers in my ear, convinced me I was never near to achieving all that I could be, but rather falling short.

Comparison Spirit, you were my enemy, impeding my growth and blocking my energy, always persuading me to be someone else, rather than accepting myself.

But now, I bid you a final farewell, and release myself from your endless spell, for I know that true success is found within, and not in trying to be like others, but rather being my authentic self.

Dear Comparison Spirit, Rest in Peace, may you find comfort and release from the endless cycle of competition and may we all find inner recognition and acceptance.

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Also, special shout out to ChatGPT for helping me round up the write up :)



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