MY 2021 LETTER: A Year Of Clarity & Mistakes

Abisola Adeniji - AA
5 min readJan 8, 2022

Honestly, I don’t know where to start. I don’t even know whether this is still necessary because it is already eight days into the new year and the lazy side of Abisola is trying really hard to convince her this doesn’t need to be written again but that voice has been dealt with and I am just going to go ahead and write.

2021 started with a lot of downs, I cried — yes, I legit cried, and they weren’t tears of joy but tears that came from a place of deep hurt. I also had my laughter phase which eventually was the note I ended 2021 on.

PS: This is a very personal letter and I hope when you do read it, you can pick one or two things while enjoying my 2021 journey.

Highlights of my 2021:

  • I organized an event that impacted over 200 people: I had never organized a solo event that was birthed and executed through me. ‘Finding That Balance’ was the event and it came from a random idea and I was too excited when I was able to successfully execute it with a list of some things I would do better next time. I guess over excitement isn’t good, because due to my sole focus on the event, I lost an opportunity I had being waiting for.
  • My Finances pummeled: A lot of bad and spontaneous decisions and a strange desire to join the MMM train of making 20%, my finances seriously went downhill but thank God because the year ended on a better note.
  • Created a community on LinkedIn: Yes, I mean I didn’t just become consistent and grow but also created a community on LinkedIn and ended the year with over 3500 followers.
  • I made a major career switch: Lol, yes, not a switch of leaving the company but a switch within the company I work. I remember reviewing my year so far in June and it felt like I had not done anything, I was just sad, sad for no reason, like I was not doing what I wanted to after the stress of figuring what I want to become out of life. Out of frustration, I took the very bold step and sent a subtle mail to the Head of HR. This was my last straw of energy and I felt if it didn’t end up being positive, I didn’t even have or know what I would have done. It just had to be positive.
  • Did I get it, yes and it definitely gave me the boost and energy I needed for the remaining part of the year.
  • Lost an opportunity: This one pain me, it entered my bone marrow, chai! You know when you have been waiting for something and it came but just because you weren’t prepared, you lost it. O dun mi gan ooo. It was sad, I felt sad and lamented for days but just had to move on.
  • I connected and understood the meaning of networking: Met a lot of people, funfact mostly online but it was a movement of networking and it birthed getting to know amazing people like Titi, Temilade, Iyin, Ola and more.
  • Worked with amazing brands: God! I enjoyed my working with Utiva, from being a cohort captain, to coaching a team during their hackathon process in which we won! And SisterlyHQ! honestly, I am a proud member of Sisterly — an amazing platform, I just get excited when the name is being mentioned. Shout to Titi because ko easy mehn and honestly, I admire you. Amongst others VibrantGril Initiative, Edubridge Academy, Executives Initiative, Help A Child Fight Against Rape etc.
  • Made mistakes: In the course of trying to figure out somethings, I made mistakes. Yeah it was hard, but like a big girl I moved on and ensured not to make the same because one bygone caused me a relationship.
  • Understood what it means by multiple sources of income: It was sweet ooo, make I no lie. My salary has always been my only source of income and imagine making 80% your salary gbam within two weeks and consistently getting an income.
  • Lost friends: This one pained me, I guess because I became so busy, I lost connection with some of my friends especially the ones that meant the most to me. I didn’t know how but I guess I got carried away with a lot of activities but I did try to retrace it in a way. Mo try 😊
  • The Our Community was birthed: Someone say gege, because from being a passion that has being brewing for months, to becoming a random post on my WhatsApp, then an idea I worked with and decided to just do it without not looking back. A three-month-old baby, we closed the year with over 200 members, had our own first draft customized journal, grew from a one-person team to working with a team, from just an email community to growing beyond that. I`m excited for this and more!
  • Explored multiple roles: In 2021, one of my strengths (that I wasn’t even aware of) was the ability to learn any skill and perform excellently on it. I became a Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer, PR Manager, Coach, Content Creator, Writer etc. — and boy! Did I crush it?!
  • I rested: It is weird but I actually rested. I went to a friend’s place and rested without thinking of work, TOC or anything. I didn’t even post or do anything and it was the most peaceful and restful process that almost made me lazy up into the year but mercy said no!

Some lessons I took from 2021:

  • Keep learning, don’t stop
  • Whatever you are doing, be present
  • You can make mistakes, but ensure you learn to move past your mistakes
  • You have idea, something popped into your mind that seem like a great idea, sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith and just do it, just start
  • The best thing you can do for yourself is to be your own accountability partner and take ownership of your life
  • Get to know yourself, observe and understand yourself, o necessary
  • Be learnable and teachable
  • Finally, God loves us and fellowship with him is really beautiful

Whew! This was really long and I hope you enjoyed it, let’s see how we can connect here once every month.

Let me know in the comment section which part spoke to you the most.

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