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Abisola Adeniji - AA
4 min readAug 15, 2022

One day after a regular not-so-interesting day, I decided to collate a list of things that made me smile during the week and because I really enjoyed doing it, I thought to myself, why not create one for the half year and that has led us to this point!

Before I go ahead, This article is one of the articles I procrastinated on, wondering why. Well, this is because I still don’t know how to acknowledge my growth, I try not to be too hard on myself but sometimes I can’t seem to help it. I’m that girl that once she achieves one goal, she is on to the next one.

Anyways! If you are seeing this then I guess I ended up publishing the article after all.

It started like a dream

After my Because Q2 had to be different story, I decided to get started working on my goals and plans for Q2. I honestly didn’t expect any real change in my life at least not in Q2, but little did I know!

Little did I know I was evolving, becoming the girl that I always dreamed of. Living my best life, sharing, and impacting the lives of others ( this is very important to me).

My journey so far hasn’t honestly been the easiest, everything I have and am, I have had to work for, and sometimes, it feels so surreal to acknowledge how much this girl has grown.

Then comes Growth

I grew in all ramifications. Even as I wrote this statement, it still feels like I haven`t and I’m tempted to close my laptop and stop this article. But I know I have, someone said growth isn’t until you achieve that big dream, growth is intentionally taking little steps towards your goal. And I have; in my career, my emotional state, my spiritual life, how I think, etc.

Things have not always really gone my way truthfully, but in each step, I take, and the closer I get to the supposedly finish line, clarity steps in, and we move boldly.

Boldness sipped into it

Yes, I ran after my goal boldly. Even when other things in my life felt like it was falling apart I still pushed through. Shout out to God for bombarding me with continuous strength because if not for him, who am I? lol.

I`m still going after them with all the strength I have because I’m determined!

I was determined to push through…

This one I don`t know where it came from, but my level of determination rose. I pursue anything I do with endless determination. If it requires late night, I will do it because I want to look back at 2022 and say I gave it my best and more.

Networking and Partnership

Meeting new people who go extra mile for you and even partner with you in achieving your goals together has been the highlight of 2022 for me so far. People that understand the vision and are as intentional about it as you are, are part of the things 2022 has given me as toppings to pull the year through, and once again all I can say is I`m grateful.

Talking about people, peep the video of me and some of the core team members of the The Our Community (TOC), a community that was founded early this year to help people grow.

Proud to have the team in my corner and yes, you guessed right I’m the orange girl in the middle

This just affirms my belief that the right people are the greatest asset one can have! So as you continue your journey, don’t forget to be considerate, wise, empathetic, forgiving, giving, authentic, and above all, be kind. Do your best to show up as your authentic self always, This will ensure you attract the right people and don’t lose important people that will be instrumental in the next phase of your growth!

Finally, Visibility

How? I don`t know! But it’s been happening in all areas. Talking about visibility, we are 3 over 100 followers. For an account, I opened at the beginning of the month to just share my journey through writing and posting just once a month it’s a big achievement and won`t have happened without you. Thank you!

There are more to share especially my wins and maybe losses, so I hope you follow me on this journey by clicking the follow button.

I just smiled again. This was a very fulfilling write-up, relieving how the year has been and appreciating the hard work that has gone into the year while just focusing on the positives.

I highly recommend you try this! Write out your story so far, you could tag me if you publish it on any platform (abisoladeniji) and Abisola Adeniji on LinkedIn or just share with me via my mail if you want to.

Also, I love reading your comments. After dropping as many claps as you are inspired, say hi to me in the comment section, and let me know if you would be jumping on this challenge. I look forward to reading your comments.

I guess we might be in the new month when you read this, so happy new month fam.

We will still be meeting here just once a month. However, you can follow me on LinkedIn and Instagram for regular updates.



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