What a Year: Am I Late To The Party again?

2022 in review, 2023 Plans

Abisola Adeniji - AA
4 min readFeb 3, 2023

I guess I`m not the first person to wish you a happy new year, lol, I know I know I`m a few days late, ooh, sorry, a month late but who’s keeping score? Happy new year and new month :)

I fall within the 5% of the population who begin their year very slowly. It takes me some time to accept that we are in a new year and it’s not because I’m anxious; I just love taking my time to comprehend the vision and understand what God would have me do in the new year.

In retrospect, I was going o write a recap for 2022, but it took a while for me to decide if I would do it. So instead, I have decided to provide something novel with a dash of a recap for 2022.

My first picture in 2023

After fully or at least 98% easing into the year, I think it’s time I share my testimony and plans for 2023. For me, this is taking another bold step in documenting my thoughts and overall journey.

At some point, 2022 felt like a year of PAIN, I had too many cases of — God abeg! and na only me waka come? — but the journey wasn’t always filled with pain and if I am being honest, it was also a redefining year for me. 2022 was a whole lot across all areas of my life, from love, family, God, friends, career, and even my vision. Some moments felt like I was being stretched even beyond my imagined limits. There were moments I felt like I couldn’t possibly go on. but, there were also sparks of beauty, I got to know ABISOLA more, and that’s always a win in my book.

At the end of the day, I came to the realisation that I won`t trade anything for 2022

If you have read — My Waiting Process: Pages from the Diary of a Girl Who Doesn`t Love Her Work, yyou know I wanted to change jobs or switch roles, well, I did! I badly wanted to share it here first but well :)

A lot happened, testimonies really but I doubt you care about that (if you do, let me know in the comment section) what you might find interesting is the weird things I learned in 2022.

First, contentment is the password to enjoying your life! Chee, why didn’t no one tell me this early! After releasing the article, I decided to enjoy my current situation till the next phase of my life began. I did that and fell in love with the job I didn’t even like (it almost feels like a scene out of a romance novel, lol)

How? It is quite impossible to hate everything about your job 100%. So, I focused on things I loved and found a way around tasks I didn’t enjoy. Fun fact, I became good at it. To compensate myself for a job well done, I worked and completed on projects I that excited me. Omo! You need to see how I was productive! Gege!

Next, it’s okay to pause, TO PAUSE, and work on yourself. In 2022, I took a break from showing up out there and rather showing for myself and I loved every single moment of it! I`m back by the way! So, stay tuned!

Finally, the beginning of confusion is departing away from the presence of God. No one talks so much about the confusion that bombards you when you are away from the presence of God even if it’s for a little while! Everything doesn’t just make sense and the annoying thing you have no comfort that God is with you even if he is.

A picture into 2023, I see a SOLID year, a year of FLIGHT and most importnatly a year of the SPIRIT!

I hope you picked one or two things, a chaotic write-up but I`m back now! And in 2023, I`m even taking this relationship to the next level, I`m going to be delivering here twice a week, the first and third week of the month!

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